Rarible NFT Split Royalties Percentage in Smart Contract

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It’s great that you created your own collection that did well in primary sales. Well done! You might be wondering where the best place to land secondary sales is – and royalties are a significant factor.

The Rarible marketplace aggregates all NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. Every time a NFT is resold, Foundation receives a 10% royalty. By using a smart contract, you will be able to send the royalty directly to the owner of the collection.

We’re happy to share that we’ve got you covered! It’s now possible to list your existing collection on Rarible.com and easily add custom royalties for multiple addresses.

Split royalties are a great tool to ongoingly share a portion from secondary sales with:

  • collection collaborators
  • charity organizations
  • carbon offset vehicles
  • and other individuals and organizations.

Rarible has been chosen as a trusted, secure, and easy-to-use platform by Twitter, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Taco Bell, Floyd Mayweather and other fantastic businesses and creators, and we’re glad to further enhance the functionality for secondary sales.

During the past weeks, we have added 1) filter by collections in the Explore and profile section, 2) Sorting from low to high and high to low prices by default, 3) filters by traits and 4) ability to see the bids you’ve made. Metadata refresh, lazy minting & other cool features coming soon!

We’re still working on improving UX for the split royalties, but the tool is already live and easy for everyone to use.

How to set up your collection & royalties on Rarible.com

Go to Rarible.com and click “Sign in”.
Connect a wallet that is an owner of the collection in the smart contract.

Find your collection on Rarible.com
– Search by name (e.g. AxieInfinity), abbreviation (e.g. BAYC), or collection address in the search bar on Rarible.com 
– Or follow the link ​​//rarible.com/collection/*collection address*

Find the “Claim ownership” button under 3 dots on the collection page
If you’re the owner of the collection, you should be able to see new admin interface tools.

Add a cover, a profile picture, short/custom URL. 
You can use .gif for pictures too. Well done! Almost there 👏

Click “Set royalties” button under 3 dots on the collection page 
A pop-up window will open where you can set royalties for the chosen collection.

Enter wallet addresses and custom royalties % for each one of them. Click “Update royalties”.

A few tips: 
– You can use your own wallet address 
– You can use decimals (e.g. 0.5%) 
– Royalties cap is 50%. More than any other platform has!
– Don’t add 100 wallets, it will affect the gas price for the buyer.

Voila! ✨ You’re all set. Best of luck on the secondary market!

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